• Resumption: January 25, 2021


Testimonies from all around the world.

Abigail Adebayo – Cambridge Result: ABB

“I found all the teachers and all members of JSAY PREVARSITY extremely helpful. They have helped me to achieve my personal goals. I personally recommend JSAY PREVARSITY as an outstanding college.”

Ayomide Apara – Cambridge Result: ABC

“I think it was a great decision to continue my education, I will recommend that path for anyone in my position, and I would absolutely recommend our great school”

Christian Emiyah

“Looking back after five years the decision to continue my education was the most inspiring educational experience. I loved it, challenged me, I ended up a better person, I'm also really glad I became a part of Jsay”

Damilola Ojo

“When I got into university, it seemed to everyone that I was a step ahead of my peers. I believe this treatment is what you get when you continue your education”

Tobi Akanni

“Becoming a scholarship student set me on the path to achieving my dreams. I was challenged everyday, and glad I chose to continue my education. I advice every young person in my position to do the same, to experience the independence, joy and sense of accomplishment I am enjoying today”

Kehinde Olatunde

“It seemed as if my world got a lot bigger when I decided to continue my education. I met great people , and I totally loved the personal development program the school had in place. I am happy I passed through the school, and recommend it to anyone”

Ayo ladipo

“There are 1.7 million young people eligible to great education after high school, sadly there is space for only 600,000 students in Nigeria. I believe Jsay fills the gap for a lucky few, and fortunately, I am part of the Lucky few that has become a part of Jsay"